Registration for 2015 - 2016 School Year is open!

Email north@Jump-austin.com for more information or call 512-593-6226.       

       Registration & Tuition

  • $60 Lifetime Membership Fee if you 
    ​are not already a member of Jump!  

  • $125 Materials Fee is due to hold spot

  • $154/month for 1x /week

  • $52/month for additional days​

  • Required Forms must be filled out before attendance

          How it Works

  • Jump! will pick up from Brentwood & Gullet Elementary School Fall 2015!

  • Parents may also drop children at the facility

  • Once at Jump! they eat snack, have an hour long gymnastics class, work on homework and have free choice time

  • Pick Up Time is before 6:00pm

Afterschool Programs - North Central

Let Jump!’s Afterschool program get your child active after a long day at school! Our classroom teachers will assist your child in completing their homework and provide additional help if they are struggling in specific areas.

Plus, with a balanced schedule of gymnastics, arts and crafts, and games, children have a chance to regroup and have fun with their friends.  

We maintain an 6:1 student/teacher ratio to ensure your child has the attention they need to build confidence in their athletic, cognitive and social abilities.