Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I register my child?

A: Jump! encourages paper-free registration. Registration for all our programs is online.  If you need assistance or have questions during the process, please call 512-593-6226.

Q: Can my child try out your program before registering?

A: For first time families we want to give you a chance to “sample” our gymnastics classes, so we are happy to give your *tuition back if it isn’t what you expected before the end of your first 30 days.  We want it to work, so let us try to change times, classes, or teachers first if possible. We want you to come back and try it again at a later date.
*Please note: This is a tuition back guarantee and does not cover the $60 Membership Fee. 

Q: What does my child wear?

A: Gymnastics: Your child will receive a welcome packet upon registration which will include a uniform to wear class. Remove all jewelry and socks and tie long hair back in a ponytail. Clubhouse, Camps and Parties: Comfortable play clothes with no zippers, buttons or snaps. Afterschool: Please bring a leotard for gymnastics class, school clothes are fine the rest of the day. 

Q: What are my payment options?

A: We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Cash and Checks. 

Q: What is the make up policy for missed classes?

A: We have a make up day every month for gymnastics students who have missed a class that month. Make up days are listed on our yearly calendar. Call or Email to sign up. There are no make up classes for clubhouse, afterschool or camps. When we have space in our classes, we will sometimes allow children in our "Tadpoles" and "Frogs" programs to do a make up class in a different class instead of the monthly make up class. Unfortunately, this option is not available for our "Pollywogs," as having the consistency of the same students in the same class week after week is important to their development and learning. 

Q: Are there any referral programs for referring friends to the gym?

A: Yes! You will receive $20 off your next month’s tuition if someone you refer signs up for classes. Tuition will be discounted when payment is received from referral.

Q: What is the student/teacher ratio?

A: The student teacher ratio is 6:1 for gymnastics classes and 8:1 for Clubhouse, Afterschool and Camps.  Ratios at our south location are 4:1 for gymnastics classes. 

Q: How do you screen your staff?

A: All Jump! Employees have undergo a background check through the Department of Family and Protective Services (which includes a Central Registry check, DPS check and FBI Fingerprinting). 

Q: To whom do I address my concerns?

A: All concerns should be addressed to Jump!'s office staff: North at north@jump-austin.com or South at south@jump-austin.com. Please bring any unresolved concerns to owner, Natalie Egan at natalie@jumpgymnastics.com.  

Q: Is gymnastics good for my child?

A: Gymnastics is the foundation of human movement and provides the building blocks for development in all other sports. Gymnastics teaches children to listen and follow directions, while fostering social interaction with peers in a positive environment. So whether your child aspires to be an Olympic gymnast, a professional football player or the next billionaire CEO, gymnastics is a great start.

Q: How do I know if my child is advancing and where do I find the show schedule?

A: If your child  is advancing you will receive notification from your coach.  The best way to know when your child will advance is to keep track of their mastered skills using your skills chart.  If you have lost track of the skills, just ask your coach and they can give you a full update on where your child is at. 

Q: How will I be billed?

A: Billing will be prorated for the first month and include a one-time Lifetime Membership Fee per student. Billing from then on is automatic, and is pulled from your account on the 1st of each calendar month. If you need to make any changes to your enrollment, email your location or speak with the office. 

Q: How will you carry out social distancing and increased sanitation in your gymnastics program? 

A: We are committed to exceeding all standards set forth for our industry for sanitation and social distancing. A full list of our precautions and procedures can be found here.