Pathway to Goal Setting and Work Ethic

Jump! goes beyond teaching gymnastics skills.  Students will develop a strong, disciplined work ethic, team work, positive training attitudes, goal setting techniques, and learn to overcome obstacles in a positive, nurturing, non-competitive environment.  Jump! focuses on teaching students good sportsmanship & accomplishing goals by working hard.  A parent recently said “What I love about gymnastics is there is no way for me to just hand them that new skill or buy it for them. It is the one thing they truly have to accomplish through their own hard work and perseverance. Now-a-days with so many things readily available, I am thankful for gymnastics. Gymnastics teaches my child they must work hard to accomplish their goals.”

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Pathway to a Healthy, Active Lifestyle

When physical activity is fun and rewarding, students keep coming back formore and the more they come back the stronger they become.  As a result they are more confident in their physical abilities and the more confident they become the more likely they are to perceive themselves as athletic.   When children perceive themselves as athletic the more likely they are to pursue and enjoy sports and exercise for the rest of their lives.