Preschool - South Austin

Snapdragon Preschool is a small school of 8 students ranging from 3-5 years old.  Our student to teacher ratio is 8:1 to ensure a close connection with childcare teachers.  At Snapdragon Preschool, we believe that childhood is a gift we can only experience once. Because of this belief, we embrace the power and beauty of experiential learning. Go ahead!  Play in the dirt, sort the rocks, mix the play dough, combine all the paint until it turns brown, because you only truly understand what you have made with your own hands, seen with your own eyes, or heard with your own ears. By offering a safe space that is designed for play, exploration and socialization, children build valuable skills such as creativity, cooperation, critical thinking and communication. Now, let’s get to the very serious business of learning… The Fun Way!