Gymnastics as a Resource for Physical, Social and Emotional Development

Experimentation, exploration and discovery are the most effective ways of promoting learning in toddlers. Early, positive movement experiences have many physical, cognitive and emotional benefits. Gymnastics participation increases strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, confidence, develops a love for exercise, and initiates social connections.

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“I want to do it myself.”

I know that saying! There must be a toddler in the house!

The Tadpoles class is a great opportunity to help your child feel confident and successful as they strive for their independence over the course of this year. Turn “No” into “Yes” and “I can’t” into “I can.” Watch your child’s confidence and self-esteem increase as he/she masters new gymnastics skills each week.

The Tadpoles class will introduce simple locomotive movements, basic gymnastics positions and begin skill development on each of the gymnastics events.