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Working the Level

At the completion of a lesson, about every 3 weeks, students will receive a ribbon indicating the skills they have mastered. On the back of this ribbon is a label with the name of a gymnastics skill or progression that corresponds to an element on the take home skills chart. Students place a frog sticker inside the box next to the corresponding skill. Don’t worry, if you lose track, we keep up with their progress at the gym too.

Getting Started in the Leap Frog Program

​Our Membership Fee covers the cost of a Welcome Packet, which includes everything needed to start the journey down Jump!’s Leap Frog Program. In the welcome packet, you will find a take-home skill chart (and frog stickers). This chart includes 15 skills that will be worked on and mastered during the students current level. The frog heads on the chart represent the progression path up the levels. Also included in the welcome packet is a uniform that represents the color of the students starting level. Boys will receive a t-shirt and shorts and girls will receive a leotard.

Leap Frog Program

Jump!’s goal is to help children develop a life-long love for movement and physical activity. Children become bored if an activity is too easy or frustrated if its too hard.  It is important that children be challenged within their ability level, so we have developed an innovative level system to ensure happy, healthy little gymnasts.

Our students feel success early and often while continually being challenged.  The Leap Frog Program takes 90 gymnastics skills and breaks them down into 6 fun and challenging levels: Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Green and Tie-Dye.  

Advancing to the Next Level

When the chart is full, it’s time to ADVANCE.  No need to wait until the student turns a year older to move up, our Leap Frog Program allows students to advance as soon as they have the skills. Students get to participate in an advancement ceremony where they will demonstrate a selection of skills from their skill chart and receive a medal symbolizing the completion of the level.

​Advancement Fees are $40 and include a new skills chart, uniform, a gymnastics medal and a certificate of achievement. 

​                  ...It is a fun, amazing and rewarding journey.

                                       Welcome and Enjoy!