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Working the Level

Once a child masters a skill, parents will be updated both via email and through their Parent Portal. The notification will then direct you to place a frog sticker in the box adjacent to the skill on their skills chart. After they have achieved all skills in an event, they will be given a ribbon to recognize their success. If you lose track of their skill progressions, don’t worry, all our coaches utilize an online system for skills tracking to ensure their student’s achievements are being recorded.

Getting Started in the Leap Frog Program

​Our Lifetime Membership Fee includes a take-home skills chart, frog stickers to mark the mastery of each skill, 5 mastery ribbons for each event, and a uniform that corresponds with their respective level. Each skills chart includes 12-13 skills that represent children’s goals in each level. The frog heads on the chart represents the path of progression in the Leapfrog Program.

Leap Frog Program

At Jump! Our goal is to promote healthy living and effective motor development to pave the way towards a life-long love for physical activity. Children become bored if an activity is too easy or frustrated if it’s too hard. Our Leapfrog Program is designed to challenge children within their ability and offer them an opportunity to level up at their own pace.

Our students feel success early and often while continually being challenged.  We do this by deconstructing 90 gymnastics skills into 7 exciting and stimulating levels: Tadpole, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Green, and Tie Dye. This innovative level system keeps gymnasts of all ages excited to come back again and again.

Advancing to the Next Level

When mastery is reached in all events (i.e. vault, bars, beam and floor) your child will be evaluated and invited to show off everything they have learned at one of our Advancement Shows which take place every eight weeks. At the show, each student will have the chance to perform their routines and skills with their coach standing by their side.  After they finish their routines, children will receive a medal.

Each time a child advances there will be an advancement fee that includes a new uniform, skills chart, frog stickers, ribbons and a medal for when they master their new level. 

​                  ...It is a fun, amazing and rewarding journey.

                                       Welcome and Enjoy!